Sunday, December 16, 2007

Back in the US

We're back in LA! We had a long but uneventful trip home, landing early this morning in Miami and then connecting onto LA. That's one way to avoid the winter weather delays at airports, I suppose.

That was my first time in the Miami airport, but it rapidly moved up my most-hated airports list. We had to clear immigration, get our bags, go through customs, walk across Dade County, re-check-in, despite already having boarding passes and bag tags checked to LAX, then go through a heinous security line. After all this, we found out that Miami hardly has any restaurants on the far side of security, so we had to get breakfast sandwiches from Pizza Hut, of all places. Sweet. Who designs these airports anyway?

It should be noted that I've gotten so used to typing on Spanish setup keyboards that it's taking me several tries to remember where the various punctuation marks are on American style keyboards.

Anyway, we'll post more later.


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