Thursday, December 20, 2007

Eastbound and Truckin'

Today was the first day of our cross-country drive. We began this morning with an incredibly full car in southern CA, and are now comfortably in a Comfort Inn in Fruita, Colorado, where it is officially butt-cold. We're about 20 miles east of the Utah-Colorado border after a solid drive of about 760 miles.

We had a smooth trip for most of the day, other than some thick clouds and rain in southern CA, of all places, particularly as we were climbing the pass on I-15 to head up toward Vegas. Fortunately, it was dry when we packed up the car, so we had that going well for us as we waved goodbye to our home of the past few years.

We got stuck in some traffic in Vegas, but other than that, didn't really have any problems on the road. Southern Utah is a particularly amazing area, and even the interstates travel through some amazing scenery. We were immediately glad that we didn't take I-40 again, which would have been the shortest/easiest route, but also carries with it a healthy dose of bordeom and flatness.

Tomorrow, we'll see if we regret our decision of trying to drive a 2 wheel drive car through the Eisenhower Tunnel in December. But at least we avoid the panhandle of Texas.


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