Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jason's final report

Jason's final report:

Just got some more juice and wanted to recap before hitting the sack.

After "An island that is not an island", it was time for another draw:

22: projects

Moses took us to the Chelsea Projects, so we drew again:

23: Amusement park / mini golf

We headed to Chelsea Pier, where the group decided a dog park satisfied the requirement. Another draw:

24: Dancing

We danced in the crosswalk to Matt's radio. Apparently all the stations switch to classical at 5:00 in the morning. New draw:

25: Food time!

We wanted to save this for the end, so Moses took us to the High Line to satisfy "The Heights". AMAZING. Time for another draw:

26: A cactus shop

We headed to the flower district where no stores were open but Liz SWORE one of them sold cacti. At 5:30am, fair enough. Another draw:

27: waterfront or a beach

We headed east to 23rd street and the East River where we watched dawn approach and the sun rise.

Mission Accomplished. Off to bed!

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