Sunday, December 21, 2008


The blog crapped out again, but not until late in the walk. My brain is pretty fuzzy right now, but I think the remainder of the things we checked off were "the projects", "amusement park/mini golf", "dancing", "the Heights" (climbed up on the High Line), "cactus store", and maybe some other stuff I'm forgetting. We made our way to the East River to see the "sunset", which looked an awful lot like the sky has looked for the last two days. We ran into a guy there who came out to observe the solstice, which happened to be at 7:04 AM, a mere 13 minutes before sunrise. He told us that the three seagulls circling the sky above us were a sign that monogamy is on its way out this year. Or something like that. Details are eluding me now.

Jess: We took a group photo in front of your office building to cheer you up, but unfortunately it was one of the lost blog posts. Drat!

And that's about it. The time for sleep has come. Good night world.

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Unknown said...

you guys did it! wee!