Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Don´t Cry for Us, Buenos Aires

With all the monuments to Eva Peron (Evita) down here, you had to know an Evita reference was going to show up eventually. Well, there it is, and I promise not to make any more.

Our time in BsAs is coming to a close, as we prepare to head up to the northeast corner of Argentina to see the fabulous falls of Iguazu. We leave for an overnight bus ride here in the next hour or so, but apparently the seats lie nearly all the way back, so it should be reasonably pleasant, as far as long bus trips go. Certainly compared to the Greyhound (see our Trips section), it should be a walk in the park.

We had a great time today touring the barrio known as San Telmo, the bohemian/artsy area of the city. We saw a mini-milonga in one of the main squares, as all sorts of people were tangoing to the delight of the assembled crowds. We think it was part of a TV shoot, as there were cameras everywhere and the main section was cordoned off.

We also spent some time walking along the waterside area, near the main port of BsAs, which is being fashioned into a chic restaurant-filled area where things cost far, far more than in the other parts of the city. On the other side of the canal, there´s a wildlife and ecological reserve, so it made for some pleasant walking.

But, we need to go catch our bus!


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