Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish everyone back home a happy Thanksgiving!

It´s been a bit strange this year, celebrating Thanksgiving away from any other Americans. In other words, not celebrating it at all, beyond saying, "Happy Thanksgiving" to each other. Naturally, everything around here is just as it´s been every other day we´ve been here.

Today, rather than celebrate as usual by eating a lot and sitting on the couch watching football, we completed a 20-km hike in the Cajón del Azul, which is a beautiful canyon in the low Andes, and the Azul is a river that is, shockingly for Spanish speakers, quite blue, as it´s fed by glacial waters and snowmelt. At the top of the hike, the river carves a high and very narrow gorge and makes for an amazing sight. It´s about 40 m deep and only about 2 m wide. Pretty amazing, for sure. We also had some great views over some alpine meadows and on to some of the higher, snow-covered peaks.

Anyway, I´m going to sign off. We´ll detail these last couple of days in El Bolsón more when we get a chance, but we´re going to catch our bus to the east coast of Argentina where we hope to see penguins and southern right whales.


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