Thursday, November 15, 2007

We´re famous!

Well, not really. But we might be.

While we were waiting in line to buy our tickets to go to Uruguay, we noticed a news crew filming people in line and interviewing them. Making our American passports very visible, I assumed naturally that they would skip us and move on to other people. Wrong.

So, it turns out that in Argentina, Tuesday the 13th is an unlucky day. It´s very similar to our Friday the 13th, in that if you´re a believer in bad luck, you shouldn´t travel, or do anything that could be potentially dangerous. As such, we were violating Argentine rules of luck by traveling on the 13th, so they were asking people about it.

They were conducting the interview in English, so we naturally answered in English. They asked if we were aware of the bad luck associated with Tuesday the 13th, so I explained that our bad luck day was supposedly Friday the 13th. I said that I was okay with traveling because I don´t really believe in luck, and I certainly wouldn´t alter my plans to accomodate a bad luck day. Erin said more or less the same things.

We assume that we´ll end up on some comedy show where they flash Spanish subtitles across the screen that don´t in the least match what we said, but that´s ok. At the very least, maybe we´ll end up on youtube or something!

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