Saturday, November 17, 2007

Patagonia Bound

Today was primarily a travel day. As it´s late, I won´t post much, since we need to get some food. We left the Iguazu Falls this morning and flew down to Bariloche, which is in the Andes, about halfway down the length of the country from north to south.

We left the rainforest this morning to already hot and humid temperatures, so the current temperature of about 46 degrees and fairly breezy has come as something of a shock. On the other hand, it´s probably a good thing for those around us, since we can finally wear our cold-weather clothes, which is the bulk of what we brought. Suffice it to say that our short-sleeve stuff could use a healthy scrubbing.

We had a great time at the falls, and will post more about it later on when time allows. We´ll stay in Bariloche for tonight and most of the day tomorrow before taking a bus down to a smaller and less tourist-infested town a couple of hours south of here, called El Bolsón, and then will spend a few low-key days there.

Rob and Erin

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