Monday, June 4, 2007



We're at an internet cafe/middle eastern restaurant, checking off the first of our ten required ethnic cuisines on the checklist. Matt is going for a falafel platter, while I ordered something I'd never heard of.

We've had quite a day. The soreness from walking 19 miles has started a little bit, but we're plowing through, with some well-timed breaks helping us out. We're now in Brooklyn, just south of Fort Greene Park. We passed through the 0-100 block of S. Portland Ave, which was voted by Time-out-NY as the "best block to live on" in NYC. It has a lot of Cosby Show style brown brick condos, is well-maintained, clean, and diverse.

On our way here, we dropped our shoes and socks off at a laundromat to sit in a dryer during lunch, so we're in our flip flops now. I'm definitely glad we don't have to walk too far in flip flops! As ready as I was to take my shoes off (although no one else was as excited about this as me), they're quite a bit more comfortable for walking.

In case you couldn't tell from earlier entries, we got absolutely soaked today. Ridiculously soaked. Saturated. Etc. It's finally stopped raining, and while still overcast, it's looking better as time goes on.

Anyway, our food is here! We'll update more later.

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