Thursday, June 7, 2007

Who knows what this means

Handed to me by two women in the South Bronx whom I greeted in Spanish (language #8)


Anonymous said...

If I'm reading that correctly (image is a bit fuzzy) it says:
Pronto Acabara el Salvamiento

Literally translated 'the Salvation will soon be finished'

A better translation:
You will soon be saved

I guess that degree in Spanish lit came in handy after all ;-)

andrea said...

I think it actually may read:
"Pronto acabara el sufrimiento"

Appropriately enough, that means: "Soon the suffering will end."

Adam said...

is it just me, or did matt downgrade the quality of the photos?

Anonymous said...

Andrea - I think you're right it does look more like "sufrimiento"

Adam: Yes very much so & thanks for linking out my shots. Have Matt give you my number - I have some Gates shots you may like to see..