Thursday, June 7, 2007

Matt's in Riverdale

I just got off the phone with Matt, who has arrived in Riverdale, Bronx, for his final night on the tour. He will be staying with the kind people at the Society for Ethical Culture in Riverdale.

Due to today being longer than 30 miles, as well as making an unplanned detour near City Island due to a wrong turn, he had to cut out the Van Cortlandt Park in order to save time, as he didn't want to be late to his lodging spot.

He seemed to have a good day, and even managed to establish a personal best bowling score of 139. Maybe he should always walk 120 miles prior to going bowling!

He's said that he is going to set two alarms tomorrow - one for 4:00 AM, and one an hour later at 5:00 AM. Good thing Matt does better than the average person on little sleep! For you worry-warts out there, Riverdale, where he will begin his walk, is a very nice area of the Bronx, and safety will not be a concern.

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